Are these going to be available online?

Yes! We're restocking badges and setting up our new online shop right now—this way you can purchase badges in the off-season, or during those years when you can't make the long hike to the con. If you’d like to be notified when the online shop opens, feel free to join our Mailing List!

Are you planning on making more of these?

Absolutely! We have a huge list of ideas & designs that we're excited to make available at conventions in 2019.

What conventions are you going to be attending?

Our primary convention is SDCC (see you this year!), as can be seen from a lot of our San Diego-specific merit badges, but we've also exhibited at Emerald City Comicon and Wondercon in the past. We haven't solidified our plans for 2019 quite yet, but we'll post here and on twitter/IG when we do!

What kind of patches are these?

Our merit badges are 1.5", 100% embroidered patches with an iron-on backing. They're washable, dry cleanable, shrink proof, and will often last longer than the clothing they're attached to! We design the patches ourselves, and work with a boy scout patch supplier to make the final product!

How can I attach my merit badge to my shirt/sash/lanyard/backpack?

Our merit badges come with an iron-on backing so you can iron or sew them on, right out of the gate. We're hoping to offer additional options like velcro or adhesive backs in the near future!

do I have to prove that I've earned a merit badge before I buy one?

Nope, Con Rangers runs entirely on the honor system! If you met a celebrity in a bathroom and not an elevator, your secret's safe with us.